10 Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

1. Fill Kongs with delicious treats and freeze them to give your pup while you are out. It will keep them entertained for hours, and give you piece of mind they are occupied (and not destroying the house!) while you are out.

2. Horrified by the price of some toys? Get inventive. A tennis ball with a small slit will turn it into a delicious treat dispenser. And dogs can see the yellow colour, which makes it stand out even more to them as an exciting treat time.

3. Protect your pup’s paws with Vaseline. Paw balms will set you back around £8+, but Vaseline will provide the same protection and for a quarter of the cost. You probably already have some lying around in the house...bargain.

4. In fact, if it can be used on a baby it is usually dog-friendly. This includes Sudocream that can be used for rashes and small cuts. And baby wipes for when they need a quick freshen up are much cheaper than dog wipes.

5. Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog? Use washing up gloves to remove the hair. A squeegee also works wonders for the carpets. Far better, cheap and more efficient all round than a lint roller or keep getting the hoover out.

6. Had an accident?! Use baking soda on carpets to get rid of that smell.

7. Don’t scrimp on the cheap poo bags. Seriously. YOU WILL REGRET IT. No additional detail needed...!

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