The Problem with Pugs

I am the proud owner (or parent) of two cheeky and adorable pugs. Like children, they have their own individual personalities and can drive me absolutely crazy.

One is a Pug crossed with a Shiatzu (although I’m quite convinced the breeders lied, as he’s now a year old and is changing all the time). He’s called Willy, he’s black and fluffy. The other is a pug with a tiny percentage of Jack Russel. She’s called Fanny, she’s just four months old but I’m hoping, when she reaches 18 months, she will marry Willy. They’re the yin and yang of my life but they do come with some problems.

Those Eyes

Whoever invented the term “puppy dog eyes” definitely had a pug in mind. They’re inescapable, not least because one often wanders while the other stays completely still. There’s little those eyes don’t do for me, they turn me into a puddle of generosity. “Oh Fanny, you missed your puppy pad again, never mind darling, don’t be upset!”

Those Snuffles

My friends love the sounds my pugs make, as it’s quite like a piglet grunting. They act like expert truffle hunters and will sniff all the corners of a room, looking for abandoned treasure or chocolate. I have to stop myself from catching their hind legs and using them in the form of a metal detector, as this is the image it always conjures up in my mind. I wouldn’t change the snuffles at all, in fact, I love to hear them purr like a cat when they’re happy and grunt when they’re not. It’s their own little language and it’s delightful (although the loud snoring is not!)

Those Nuzzles

There is a little dip behind a pug’s nose that could hold a grape or a button. I’m quite fascinated by this. I see it up close quite a lot, when my pugs come for a nuzzle. They love to bury their nose into my neck or my pressure points, some have even been trained to reduce anxiety by doing this! They tend to push with their nose until their face is flat against my body, it’s a strange, but lovely feeling and one I’ve come to love, although it does shock my friends when the dogs try to do the same to them.

Those Follows

I’ve owned plenty of dogs throughout my life, from childhood to where I am now, and I’ve never known devotion quite like that I receive from my pugs. They follow me absolutely everywhere, during every second of the day. They’ve even found out how to work the bathroom sliding door, so they can join me on the loo. If they can’t get to me they will scratch the door closest to me, then sit and wait for me to return. I’m constantly tripping over them and my children are a little jealous so I guess this is a real problem!

I asked the question on social media recently, as to why the pugs follow me and not another member of the household. All thoughts of grandeur were quickly squashed as my friends told me the pugs just wanted food, and there was I thinking they were totally in love!

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