Dog Friendly Holidays

It’s getting to that time of year again – when you start planning your annual summer holiday. This year you’ve decided to take your four-legged buddy along too rather than put the poor mutt into kennels.

He or she is part of the family, after all, so why shouldn’t they enjoy the good times as well? Here at TheDogApp we’ve checked out what we consider to be some of the best dog-friendly facilities in the UK and here’s a list of them right here:


Visit Cornwall has a whole separate brochure for holidays with your dog. Not only do they advise on which beaches and forest trails welcome your canine friend, but they also provide a list of restaurants and accommodation where your dog will be welcomed with a big bowl of water on meeting, but also a list of dog shows where he or she can compete, if that’s your thing.

Visit Devon have a dog friendly brochure pointing out boat and steam train rides you can take your canine pal on, as well as a list of lead-free beaches they can run around on to their – and your – heart’s content.


  • Upmarket hotel group Malmaison provides room service for your doggie pal in up to 12 hotels in the UK (we kid you not).

  • The Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire offers dog sitting services, a bed, dish, packet of food and personalised spring water on arrival.

  • The Hotel Endsleigh in Devon comes up with organic treats, comfy beds and bowls – oh, and a glass of champagne for owners on arrival.

  • If your hound has more of a hankering for cities, then the Belgraves Hotel in London’s west end provides a ‘pet in room’ sign, along with a food bowl and toy.

  • Gregans Castle Hotel in County Clare, Ireland has a special ‘doggy room’ with its own sheltered outdoor area, outdoor keen and indoor play pen for when the weather is less than it should be.

  • Dogs are welcome in the bar at The Montpellier Chapter in Cheltenham. It’s where they pick up their low fat doggie treat, after all. You can have a cocktail at the same time. Your room at his boutique hotel will also contain a luxury dog bed, bowl and blanket.


It’s not just you who needs ‘time-out’ according to the ceridwentcentre in Wales. Spiritual dog trainer Caroline Griffith offers advice on behaviour techniques, canine nutrition, dog communication and even hypnotherapy. You know you want to…


If it’s more of an adventure than a stay you’re after, then the Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland is happy to entertain your pooch in the form of gun dog scurries. There’s also obedience classes and a tartan dog bed, water bowl and pooper scooper for afterwards.

Sometimes a holiday is more than just a relaxing ‘free for all.’ Cue Swinton Park in the Yorkshire Dales where your canine buddy can enjoy anything from a three mile saunter to a 50 mile trek through some fine woodland. There’s a water bowl and welcome dog chew the minute you step through the door.

Don’t know about you, but we’re off to check out that dog spiritual retreat right now…

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