How to Find the Best Dog Breed for You

Most of us have a good idea about the type of partner we want in life. There are personality traits we put above others such as kindness, sporty, caring, funny etc. But we don’t tend to give as much thought to our pets – and yet they’re living under our roof too.

But don’t worry. There are plenty of apps or online tests these days to help you match the type of characteristics you value in a person to that of a particular dog breed. As you can imagine, some are more helpful than others.

The food manufacturer Iams, for instance, has come up with a series of questions to help match you with the most suitable canine breed depending on how easy-going and independent you are, as well as what you like to do in your spare time.

The Kennel Club test wants to know how big your house/garden are and whether or not you live in the town or country. How active you are is also important in getting the right breed, they insist.

Find the kind of dog you are

The online site Buzzfeed uses a more unusual matching technique when they get you to identify yourself in dog form. Their questions put importance on knowing

about, for instance, your ‘go to’ dance move, what you do Friday nights’ and who your favourite author is. Yep, we don’t really understand the algorithm either – but we got the breed Corgie…

Find the dog that most looks like you

Then again, it’s all very well matching your personality type with a particular dog breed, but what about your looks? Upload a photo of yourself on the new app from Microsoft called Fetch and it will tell you which dog you most resemble. There’s also an online version here.

Then again, maybe you’d prefer to have a dog that’s more like you in nature than physique? If so Buzzfeed’s ‘spirit’ quiz tries to nail what makes you sad, what your food cravings are and who would play you in a movie of your life. We got Pomeranian this time round!

Find your dog’s ideal career

If your dog ever needs to earn a crust to support the family (well, these recessionary times can be hard), then the site reckon they have a sure-fire way of finding the best career for your earnest mutt.

It involves finding out whether your canine pal is ‘a leader or a follower’, ‘whether or not they’ll fetch the paper for you’ and ‘if they were a person what their favourite colour would be.’

Some of the obvious breed and career matches we’d have thought include a preening poodle with a modelling career, the active Jack Russell as a gym instructor and the hard-working collie as farmer.

As well as having a serious bent (i.e. they really will hone down what type of dog breed suits you best, all of the above tests are also fun to do. Let us know how you get on here at TheDogApp.

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