Which Dog Breeds are Best for City or Country Living?

It’s well known that most dogs require regular exercise and fresh air. Of course, this makes the countryside with its wide open fields and fewer traffic streams, the ideal location.

But just because we happen to live in a built-up area doesn’t mean me have to miss out on the fabulous fun of owning a dog. That’s because there are some of breeds of dog – like humans – that actually thrive on city living.

In this article we’ll outline some of the different breeds that are better suited to either city or country living.

Best dogs for city living

We know you expect us to come up with a list here of dogs with little legs who don’t like to walk far but actually, one of the best indoor dogs is actually the Great Dane (yes, you read that right). He or she may be large but that doesn’t mean their capacity for exercise is. These dogs are actually pretty lazy when it comes down to it – and they’re not particularly curious either. In other words, they’d be happy to curl up on the sofa with you and watch the latest Netflix offering.

Image via Daily Telegraph

The medium-sized greyhound – like other guarding and sighthound breeds - is also pretty chilled with city living. These are the type of dogs that enjoy a short walk a couple of times a day and are happy to lie around in the flat in between times.

Cocker spaniels may be lively dogs but, like border terriers, they love being around their human owners and could quite happily cuddle up indoors for hours without growing bored.

Admittedly the Beagle was originally a hunting breed, but these days it’s happy with one walk a day and plenty of attention the rest of the time.

Due to its small size, the Chihuahua takes up hardly any space so is an obvious choice as a flat dweller. They don’t need much exercise for those little legs of theirs either and actually, they’re fine with spending huge chunks of time on their own.

And finally, other small dogs who don’t need a lot of exercise is the Affenpinscher – he or she would rather play with the kids in the back garden than walk – and the English Bulldog (who loves his naps). Interestingly, according to the Kennel Club’s registrations last year you’re more likely to encounter a French Bulldog than any other breed in London these days.

Best dogs for country living

Probably the most obvious choice for country living – due to the working role it still plays on many farms today – is the Border Collie. Incredibly intelligent, he or she just loves keeping busy and would become extremely bored and agitated being cooped up indoors all day. Another dog that gets bored very easily is the Dalmation. This is a dog that simply adores open spaces – and that means fields, lots of them.

As well as being beautiful to look at, the Hungarian Vizla is also extremely active and could run around those very same fields for hours at a time. A hunting breed, they can also prove extremely tactile and even clingy at times.

When it comes to the Fox Terrier, the name is definitely a clue to their country-loving natures. Although, admittedly, you will find plenty of urban foxes these days… Still, you don’t want your dog to be digging holes in your neighbour’s garden looking for rodents. Far better for these loving and loyal dogs to be doing stuff like that in the countryside instead!

The playful family favourite Labrador was originally bred was retrieving game in Canadian waters. Today its happy playing with the kids, but it still needs lots of exercise to keep it calm. It loves swimming in all those rivers you find in the countryside.

Other country loving mutts include the enthusiastic and energetic working dog, the English Cocker Spaniel, the feisty Yorkshire Terrier (another rodent catcher) and the Whippet (a dog with a rather reserved nature and which was originally bred for chasing rabbits).

Regardless of whether your dog resides in the city or country, vets agree that around two hours of exercise a day and plenty of mental stimulation will result in a happy hound. And think of how many steps you’ll be able to clock up too!

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