The Good, the Bad and the Ruff!

It's said that all dogs are descended from the wolf. I know, hard to believe with the Dachshund, right? We've had a 7000 year-old best friendship with dogs and learned to take the rough with the smooth (and the wire-haired!).

Here's what you need to know about...

The best part about having a pet dog

- An easy friend to get presents for: a squeaky toy, an old bone, or the ball that's been stuck in the drawer for two months.

- Some to blame for unexpected wind. "Ooh, bad doggie..."

- A portable, 24-hour waste disposal unit - recycling on the go.

- A loyal friend who never reveals your secrets, including the Sunday '

walk' to the pub for an hour.

- They'll keep you fit - chasing after them.

- No more cat poos in the garden.

- Always pleased to see you no matter how indifferent, irate or drunk you are.

The worst part about having a pet dog

- What goes in must come out, usually in front of strangers when the last poo bag is ripped.

- Doors and furniture, unlike the backs of ears, do not need to be scratched.

- Doggie breath, when you least expect it.

- The, ahem, cleaning routine. Now you know why your mum never let a dog lick your face when you were young.

- Dog poos in the garden are bigger than the neighbour's cat poos used to be.

- As it never speaks, your dog may appear smarter than you.

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